Feel well prepared, supported and empowered for your positive pregnancy, birth & beyond!

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April 22nd (Thu), 29th (Thu) & May 6th (Thu), 13th (Thu), 20th (Thu) - 19:15 - 21:45, Interactive Online Class, or Bristol BS6 7TG -

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Discover the key to a more relaxed pregnancy, better birth and joyful start to your new life with baby with my confidence building comprehensive HypnoBirthing antenatal classes -
now including "Confident Instinctive Breastfeeding and Early Days with Baby" session.

Book your Bristol based in-person or fun interactive online sessions with highly experienced Antenatal Educator, Hypnotherapist & HypnoBirthing Mum, Eva Kraemer

Find all course information and next available course dates by clicking the link below or just call 07957541056. Courses start monthly and fill-up quickly!


With my confidence building birth preparation sessions you will learn how to:


MaReduce anxiety & boost relaxation and wellbeing before, during and after birth


MaNavigate the uncertainties of birth confidently, knowledgeably and calmly


MaMaximise the likelyhood of a natural birth and minimise any pain - without drugs!


MaFeel calm and in control during labour to support the ease and flow of your baby's birth &

minimise any need for medical assistance


Have aProtect yourself and your baby from unnecessary trauma & have a positive experience of birth -

regardless of whether it's natural, induced or by cesarean


Have aContinue to use the powerful relaxation tools after birth to smooth your transition into parenthood, support ease of breastfeeding, minimise likelyhood of postnatal depression &

give your family the best possible start!

Take the first step towards your confident & positive pregnancy, birth and beyond by chosing from the following options:

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Confident Birth & Beyond

Group Course

The complete HypnoBirthing course in small intimate groups to optimise individual support. Includes an early days with baby session & a relaxation session just for mums to feel emotionally ready and well prepared to manage and experience birth and beyond with confidence, ease - and joy!

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Confident Birth & Beyond

Private Sessions

Benefit from my undivided attention with a private course tailored to your individual needs & take advantage of extra flexibility in terms of content, dates, frequency and number of sessions.

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Anxiety or Birth Trauma Relief Sessions

In case of anxiety that is either pre-existing to pregnancy or particularly severe - may it stem from previous birth trauma or whatever else life has thrown at you - it can be beneficial to hold some individual sessions prior/alongside to the group or private course to find relief and ensure best outcomes.

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Refresher Sessions

Brush up your HypnoBirthing tools & practice and create space and focus in preparation for the next birth with a refresher session or two, tailored to your individual needs.


Discover how much easier birth is when you are truly confident & relaxed during labour and birth!

Giving birth is a natural, healthy, normal process that the female body is - thankfully - designed to accomplish with far greater ease, than the less than positive birth stories and experiences that all too many of us sadly have been exposed to, may suggest.

However, all those "less than encouraging" birth stories - commonly sharply highlighting the potential of pain and complications during labour, not to mention the somewhat unpredictable nature of birth - directly shape the way we think and feel about birth. And - for better or worse - due to the all powerful Mind-Body connection, the way you think and feel about birth profoundly impacts and shapes, not only the way you experience birth, but also the overall flow and ease of your baby's birth!

Good antenatal preparation, that carefully promotes a thoroughly positive outlook on labour and birth, builds (or re-builds) a profound sense of confidence and trust in your body's innate ability for birth and trains your ability to relax deeply throughout labour is therefore absolute key to ensure that labour and birth can unfold with the greatest ease - and comfort - and that any potential need for medical assistance or interventions can be minimised or, in many cases, eliminated altogether!  

This is exactly what my confidence building HypnoBirthing antenatal sessions provide!

Unlike most conventional antenatal classes, my HypnoBirthing classes have the Mind-Body connection at their core. They blend evidence based active birth education that provides empowering knowledge & understanding of the inner & outer workings of labour & birth with proven, deep relaxation tools and exercises that nurture a deep sense of confidence and trust in your innate ability to birth your baby safely, calmly and gently. You will gain a thorough understanding of what birth needs to work well, how your emotions around birth impact the flow and outcome of birth, and what can (and needs!) to be done to enable you to trust, relax and let go in labour, so that you can support the gentlest, safest and easiest birth possible for your baby and yourself.




Join the

Positive Birth


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"The time and support you have given me has been invaluable. Our sessions have had a remarkable impact on me and have really helped me deal with what has been a very difficult final trimester. You helped me find my own inner strength and positivity and I really thank you for that. I now feel I have the means to be able to embrace the birth and recovery, whatever happens.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Nicola, Mum of 5, Bristol

"I wanted to say thank you, Eva,  for all the hypnobirthing coaching over the past few months, it enabled me to have the most amazing birth experience (more than I could possibly imagine), and that the whole process from waters breaking to 'babe in arms' was less than 12 hours long (about five hours labouring in total) and much more tolerable than a day of late pregnancy..."

Tilly, First Baby, Bristol

"Thank you very much for a really lovely course! We really enjoyed it and you, and have found our other classes a bit redundant after experiencing such a wonderful one. Your way of teaching and communicating your passion is such a gift, so thank you for continuing to share it. We are truly grateful."

Jessica, First Baby, Bristol

Here's what my clients are saying:

Hello -

Nice to See You Here!

Empowering expecting couples about birth and beyond has been my absolute passion and joy ever since my son's wonderful hypnobirth back in 2007 -

and it would be such a pleasure to share the wealth of knowledge and expertise around relaxed birthing and confident parenting that I have build build ever since with you now!


I specialise in small group and private classes to ensure high levels of individual focus and care.

My extensive experience as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator & Solution Focused Hypnotherapist is complimented by my additional training and experience of Active Birth. My classes are informal, informative, fun - and always empowering.


If you want to be best prepared for birth, so that you can feel calm & confident and ensure that your baby's birth can unfold in the safest, easiest, most comfortable and joyful way possible, whatever the circumstances might be on the day - I would love to hear from you and work with you! 

Please use the menu at the top or bottom to navigate this site. Or, find out here why so many parents and midwives recommend my HypnoBirthing sessions. There are also some amazing birth stories & testimonials to read, a birth video to watch or you can read more about my own experience with HypnoBirthing and Leo's birth story. Additionally, you can follow these links to read more about what you will learn on the course and find upcoming group course dates as well as information about private sessions. 


Alternatively, why not just give me call on 07957541056 to find out how my Hypnobirthing classes can help towards a better birth or book a free taster session. I am always happy to have a chat, if you would like to find out more! 


Here's to your calm and joyful birth!

Eva x

Eva Kraemer HBCE, HPD, DSFH

Confident Childbirth Specialist

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

Success Mindset Coach