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Discover how much better birth is when you are truly confident & relaxed during labour and birth!
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Eva Kraemer HBCE, HPD, DSFH
Confident Childbirth &
Birth Trauma Relief Specialist
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner
Fellow HypnoBirthing Mum


... being so well prepared for birth and beyond that you can:

Approach labour brimming with empowerment, confidence and tools for an easier, better birth - (even if you currently feel anything but confident)

Be relaxed and much more comfortable throughout your baby's birth - even without drugs (!)

Positively influence the ease of your baby's birth & minimise the length of labour, (because - even though you can't control birth- you can learn how to positively influence it!)

Feel calm and in control throughout labour & minimise any need for medical interventions - (even if unexpected changes happen during birth)

Have a positive experience of birth - (in any setting & even if "things don't go to plan")

Support your first months with baby (and beyond) with the same calm and confidence that you cultivated in preparation for birth - so that you can give your family the best possible start!