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Confidence, Empowerment,

Tools & Support

for your

Relaxed Pregnancy, Positive Birth &

Joyful Beyond

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Eva Kraemer HBCE, HPD, DSFH
Confident Childbirth &
Birth Trauma Relief Specialist
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner
Fellow HypnoBirthing Mum


Approach labour brimming with empowerment, confidence and tools for an easier, better birth - (even if you currently feel anything but confident)

Be relaxed and much more comfortable throughout your baby's birth - even without drugs (!)

Positively influence the ease of your baby's birth & minimise the length of labour, (because - even though you can't control birth- you can learn how to positively influence it!)

Feel calm and in control throughout labour & minimise any need for medical interventions - (even if unexpected changes happen during birth)

Have a positive experience of birth - (in any setting & even if "things don't go to plan")

Support your first months with baby (and beyond) with the same calm and confidence that you cultivated in preparation for birth - so that you can give your family the best possible start!


... being so well prepared for birth and beyond that you can:

Whether you are looking for comprehensive HypnoBirthing antenatal group classes - covering everything you need for empowered birth & beyond - or tailor-made private sessions (before or after birth) - guided completely by your own needs and that can also address any pre-existing anxieties through my blend of Hypnotherapy, EFT & coaching -

I would love to support you to feel thoroughly empowered, confident & well equiped with knowledge and tools for a positive birth and joyful beyond!

Sessions available in person in Bristol or online via Zoom &

I can't wait to hear from you!

Eva x


Why HypnoBirthing?

Giving birth is a healthy & normal process that the body is designed to accomplish with far greater ease, than the less than positive birth stories and experiences that all too many of us sadly have been exposed to may suggest.

However, all those "less than encouraging" birth stories - commonly sharply highlighting the potential of pain and complications during labour, not to mention the somewhat unpredictable nature of birth - directly shape the way we think and feel about birth. And - for better or worse - due to the all powerful Mind-Body connection, the way you think and feel about birth profoundly impacts and shapes, not only the way you experience birth, but also the overall flow and ease of your baby's birth!

Good antenatal preparation, that carefully promotes a thoroughly empowered and confident outlook on labour and birth, builds a profound sense of trust in your body's innate ability for birth and trains your ability to relax deeply throughout labour is therefore absolute key to ensure that labour and birth can unfold with the greatest ease - and comfort - and that any potential need for medical assistance or interventions can be minimised or, in many cases, eliminated altogether!  

This is exactly what my confidence building HypnoBirthing antenatal sessions provide!

Unlike most conventional antenatal classes, my HypnoBirthing classes have the Mind-Body connection at their core. They blend evidence based active birth education that provides empowering knowledge & understanding of the inner & outer workings of labour & birth with proven, deep relaxation tools and exercises that nurture a profound sense of confidence and trust in your innate ability to birth your baby safely, calmly and gently. You will gain a thorough understanding of how your emotions around birth impact the flow and outcome of birth, what birth needs to work well, and what can (and needs!) to be done to enable you to trust, relax and let go in labour, so that you can support the gentlest, safest and easiest birth possible for your baby and yourself.

Image by Isaac Quesada
"Thank you, Eva, for all you did to prepare us for the birth of our perfect little girl. The hypnobirthing tools really helped, but the advice and personal support that you gave us above and beyond made the birth we had possible. The midwife said it was the nicest, most relaxed birth she ever attended. She was really blown away and I was very proud of myself. My pregnancy journey would have been very different had we not met you ..."
Chrissy, First Baby, Bristol
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