Be confident and well prepared for birth and beyond and give your baby the best possible start in life with 

BirthWell – HypnoBirthing in Bristol, with certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Eva Kraemer HBCE


Our stress-busting HypnoBirthing classes blend evidence based active birth education with proven deep relaxation tools and exercises to give you and your baby the best possible birth and can be taken as stand alone birth preparation or to complement NCT or NHS antenatal classes.



Why HypnoBirthing?

Giving birth is a natural, healthy, normal process that the female body is (thankfully!) designed to accomplish with far greater ease, than the many - hmm, shall we say - "less than positive" birth stories and experiences that all too many of us sadly have been exposed to may suggest.

However, all those "less than positive" birth stories - commonly sharply highlighting the potential pain and complications of labour - directly shape the way we think and feel about birth. And - for better or worse - the way we think and feel about birth profoundly impacts and shapes, not only the way we experience birth, but also the overall outcome of birth! 

Good antenatal preparation, that carefully promotes a thoroughly positive outlook on labour and birth (for both parents!), builds a profound sense of confidence and trust and trains mum's ability to relax deeply throughout labour is therefore absolute key to ensure that labour and birth can unfold with the greatest ease - and comfort - and that any potential need for medical assistance or interventions can be minimised or, in most cases, eliminated altogether!  

This is exactly where BirthWell HypnoBirthing can help!

HypnoBirthing has been carefully designed to build trust and confidence and train your ability to relax deeply throughout labour and birth so that you can enjoy and achieve the best birth
- and at the same time, give your baby the best possible start in life!

Unlike most conventional antenatal classes HypnoBirthing classes have the powerful Mind-Body connection at their core. They give a thorough understanding of what birth needs to work well, how our emotions around birth affect the outcome of birth, and what can (and needs!) to be done to enable you to trust, relax and let go in labour, so that you can achieve the gentlest, safest and easiest birth possible for your baby and yourself.

When learning HypnoBirthing with BirthWell you will gain:

Empowering birth education for mum and dad - including a thorough understanding of what helps and supports easy birth - and what doesn't!

Vital knowledge about your birth choices, crucial to ensure that you are best supported by your caregivers to give birth in the gentlest, most natural way possible.

Powerful relaxation and self-hypnosis tools for mum and dad that help to feel confident and well prepared for labour, birth and beyond  -  whilst enhancing enjoyment and relaxation during pregnancy - and keeping mum more comfortable during labour and birth! 

As a result, labour can be:

Shorter, less complicated, less medicalised, less traumatic, more comfortable (even without the drugs!), more relaxed and enjoyable for mum, baby & dad, than otherwise would have been likely. 

And, of course:

A more relaxed pregnancy and birth generally means a more relaxed, happier mother and calmer baby after birth - and the best possible start you can give your new family! 

I experienced the power of HypnoBirthing first hand when I gave birth to my son Leo in 2007 and It helped me to thoroughly transform the way I felt and thought about birth - from frightened and apprehensive to calm and confident. Much to my surprise, by the end of the course, I even found myself looking forward to giving birth. When the big day arrived, I was able to bring Leo into the world calmly and relaxed and - dare I say it - I actually enjoyed the experience, which is something I would have previously thought absolutely impossible! 

Ever since Leo's birth - that, thanks to HypnoBirthing, turned out so joyfully different than I had previously feared - empowering expecting couples about birth has been my absolute passion and joy, and it would be such a pleasure to share my knowledge and expertise of birth and HypnoBirthing with you now!

So, if you are feeling apprehensive about birth in any way, or simply want to be best prepared for birth, so that you can have the safest, gentlest, most comfortable birth possible for your baby and yourself, I would love to hear from you and work with you! 

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I am a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist, trained in Active Birth and Mongan Method HypnoBirthing and my courses benefit from all of these influences, plus my personal experience as a HypnoBirthing mum. .

I teach with care and empathy and specialise in small group and private classes and catering for Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. My classes are fun, informative and always empowering!

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Here's to your calm and relaxed birth!  

Eva x

Eva Kraemer HBCE

Founder BirthWell - HypnoBirthing in Bristol
Gold Certified HypnoBirthingTM Childbirth Educator
Affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute


BirthWell HypnoBirthing teaches HypnoBirthingTM - The Mongan Method, the original programme that has helped women all around the world achieve easier, more comfortable births for over 20 years now!