Take the first step towards your confident & positive birth by chosing from the following options:

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Confident Birth & Beyond

Group Course

The 17.5h complete HypnoBirthing course in small intimate groups to optimise individual support. Includes an early days with baby session & a relaxation session just for mums to feel emotionally ready and well prepared to manage and experience birth and beyond with confidence, ease - and joy!

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Confident Birth & Beyond

Private Sessions

Get my undivided attention with a stress-busting private HypnoBirthing course - tailored to your individual needs - and take advantage of extra flexibility in terms of content, dates, frequency and number of sessions.

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Anxiety or Birth Trauma Relief Sessions

In case of anxiety that is either pre-existing to pregnancy or particularly severe - may it stem from previous birth trauma or whatever else life has thrown at you - it can be beneficial to hold some individual sessions prior/alongside to the group or private course to find relief and ensure best outcomes.

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Refresher Sessions

Brush up your HypnoBirthing tools & practice and create space and focus in preparation for the next birth with a refresher session or two, tailored to your individual needs.


Group Course Info

 Confident Birth & Beyond HypnoBirthing Group Course

  • 12.5 hours of empowering birth preparation for expecting parents, delivered over 4-5 weeks in bite size chunks to provide plenty of opportunity & accountability for practice of the all-important relaxation tools in between sessions.


  • A 2.5 hours "Confident Instictive Breastfeeding & Early Days with Baby" group session in final weeks of pregnancy, teaching you how to best utilise and support your baby's - as well as your own - instinctive ability to breastfeed with ease and comfort. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, this session looks at the practical aspects as well as the emotional factors that shape our experience of those precious early weeks with baby so that you can support yourself to navigate and experience your new life with baby with confidence, ease and joy.

  • Following on from the above sessions a relaxation session just for mums is added around week 36 of pregnancy ensuring you can approach birth & beyond feeling truely confident, well prepared and free from fear and it's negative impact on birth and early days with baby.

  • An option to add an additional private session to the course at any time to either address individual concerns or have a refresher session for both partners closer to birth

  • Group sizes are kept deliberately small to allow optimal attention to be given to individual concerns & ensure best outcomes for all participants

 Course Benefits & Content

  • Understanding and knowledge that de-mystifies the process of labour and birth from the inside out. Thorough discussions of the key important aspects of what happens in the body during labour and birth designed to build understanding, confidence and trust in the female body's innate ability for birth. This includes:

    • The workings of the womb in labour and birth

    • The way the Mind-Body connection impacts birth

    • What can - and needs (!) - to be done to keep labour and birth free from the disruptive influence of fear

  • Empowering discussions of how the mind works, how fear affects our thoughts and well-being - and how to best utilise the power of your mind to manage your fears and emotions more effectively, for a better, easier birth - and a happier, more balanced life!


  • Powerful easy-to-learn, proven relaxation & self-hypnosis tools that are relevant for birth and life beyond for both partners - invaluable in todays uncertain times

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding about the powerful role the birth companion plays during pregnancy and on the day of birth to support mum's relaxed state, general wellbeing and ease and flow of labour & birth

  • Breathing exercises that help you to feel calm and in control throughout labour & birth, helping you to stay moe comfortable whilst also supporting to the flow and ease of labour.

  • Tools and tips to help you reduce the likelyhood of tearing during birth

  • Vital knowledge and understanding about your birth choices, how they can impact the flow and outcome of labour and birth so that you can make your own informed decisions about any form of medical assistance that may be offered on the day.

  • Thorough discussions & understanding on how to navigate the uncertainties of birth knowledgably, confidently & calmly so that you can have a positive birth - regardless of whether it's fully natural, induced or happens by cesarean.

  • Better birth experience & outcome, in comparison to most non-hypnobirthing mums. Experience has shown that hypnobirthing mums generally have: much increased likely-hood of a natural, calm labour; often a shorter labour; minimized/eliminated rate of interventions; reduced likely-hood of c-section; better experience of induced labour (should this be medically indicated); sharply reduced/eliminated  need for pain-killers; faster recovery times - even after C-section, or induction; easier bonding for mum, dad and baby! 

Perhaps most importantly: A more relaxed pregnancy and birth generally means a more relaxed, happier mother and calmer baby after birth - and the best possible start to can give your new family!


The recommended time to start a course would be anytime after the 20 week scan - somewhere between 23-30 weeks is ideal - as the success of the course is partly linked to how much practice you do. However, provided you can finish the course before you give birth, it's still going to help. (In fact, some women have given birth half-way through the course and it still helped).


If you should find yourself very near the end of your pregnancy already it is also possible to arrange some private sessions over a shorter time frame than the usually prescribed format of 5 short sessions running over as many weeks, so please get in touch on 07957 541056 to discuss available options.


Choose Your Course Dates:

N.B. Catch-up sessions are available, in case any individual group date clashes with immovable prior commitments.

Please contact me to look at alternative options.

Weekday Course Dates:

Jul 4th (Mon), 11th (Mon), 18th (Mon), 21th (Thu), 25th(Mon) -

19:15 - 21:45, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details) -

(Course Ref WD7 22)

Aug 10th(Wed), 17th(Wed), 24th(Wed), 31st(Wed) & Sep 7th(Wed) -

19:15 - 21:45, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details)-

(Course Ref WD8 22)

Sep 8th(Thu), 15th(Thu), 22nd(Thu), 30th(Thu) & Oct 6th(Thu) -

19:15 - 21:45, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details) -

(Course Ref WD9 22)

Oct 3rd (Mon), 10th (Mon), 17th (Mon), 20th (Thu)& Nov 3rd(Thu) -

19:15 - 21:45, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details) -

(Course Ref WD10 22)

Nov 2nd(Wed), 9th(Wed), 16th(Wed), 23rd(Wed), 30th(Wed) -

19:15 - 21:45, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details)-

(Course Ref WD11 22)

Dec 1st(Thu), 5th(Mon), 8th(Thu), 12th(Mon), 15th(Thu) -

19:15 - 21:45, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details) -

(Course Ref WD12 22)

Weekend Course Dates:

Jul 23rd (Sat), 24th (Sun) & Aug 13th (Sat), 20th (Sat) -

all 10:00 - 13:00, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details)-

(Course Ref WE7 22)

Sep 3rd (Sat), 10th (Sun), 17th (Sat) & Oct 1st (Sat) -

all 10:00 - 13:00, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details)-

(Course Ref WE9 22)

Oct 8th (Sat), 15th (Sat), 22nd (Sat) & Nov 5th (Sat) -

all 10:00 - 13:00, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details)-

(Course Ref WE10 22)

Nov 12th (Sat), 26th (Sat) & Dec 3rd (Sat), 10th (Sat) -

all 10:00 - 13:00, Bristol BS6 7TG or Online (please enquire for details)-

(Course Ref WE11/12 22)


Fees for the complete group course start from just £250*.

In return you will receive:


  • 12.5 hours caring group tuition by highly experienced Confident Childbirth expert, fellow HypnoBirthing mum & with over 12 years of experience Bristol's longest serving HypnoBirthing teacher

  • A 2.5 hours "Confident Instictive Breastfeeding & Early Days with Baby" group session in final weeks of pregnancy, to help you navigate and experience your new life with baby with confidence, ease and joy.

  • A confidence-boosting relaxation session for mums around week 36 to feel emotionally prepared for calm and relaxed birth & beyond (this will be scheduled at mutually convenient time at the end of the course)

  • The HypnoBirthing® book by Marie Mongan

  • A comprehensive folder of handouts

  • 6 relaxation tracks for your home practice

  • Unlimited telephone support for you both until the birth

  • Highly personal focus - Group courses are kept deliberately small to ensure optimal amount of individual attention can be given & ensure best outcomes for mum, dad and baby

  • The option to add a private session to discuss individual concerns, catch-up in case an individual date clashes with immovable prior commitments or have a refresher session shortly before birth for just £25

Ready to book your course?

Regular course fees per couple, including all materials & benefits are £275. As a thank you for any booking made within five days of making an enquiry, a credit of £25 is offered. This can either reduce the overall fees to £250 per couple, or be used to include a private session in the group course fees.

Here's what my clients have said about my classes:

mum and baby(new) crop.jpg

"The time and support you have given me has been invaluable. Our sessions have had a remarkable impact on me and have really helped me deal with what has been a very difficult final trimester. You helped me find my own inner strength and positivity and I really thank you for that. I now feel I have the means to be able to embrace the birth and recovery, whatever happens.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Nicola, Mum of 5, Bristol

"I wanted to say thank you, Eva,  for all the hypnobirthing coaching over the past few months, it enabled me to have the most amazing birth experience (more than I could possibly imagine), and that the whole process from waters breaking to 'babe in arms' was less than 12 hours long (about five hours labouring in total) and much more tolerable than a day of late pregnancy..."

Tilly, First Baby, Bristol

"Thank you very much for a really lovely course! We really enjoyed it and you, and have found our other classes a bit redundant after experiencing such a wonderful one. Your way of teaching and communicating your passion is such a gift, so thank you for continuing to share it. We are truly grateful."

Jessica, First Baby, Bristol

Thinking of booking a group course or have other questions?

Just call me on 07957 541056 to explore available options in more detail and discover the difference HypnoBirthing can make to your birth (& life!)


Private Session Info

Private Group Course

Should you happen to have a friend that is also interested in HypnoBirthing, I can teach both of you (and your birth companions, of course)  as a Private Group. This gives you greater flexibility on dates and times. For now sessions will be held on Zoom, but you can choose to have classes held in the comfort of your home as soon as it is safe to do so.


Fees for the full 15 hours programme are £275 per couple, including all materials. Course fees can be reduced to just £250 per couple, if you book within 5 days of an initial enquiry with me.


There may be a small charge for travel costs for any sessions outside of Bristol.


Please contact me on 07957541056 or message me here to find out about available dates and times. 


Private Course Options

For a truly individualised service I offer Private Sessions for you and your birth companion. They can follow the standard 12.5 hours curriculum* adjusted to individual circumstances, or could be more of a brief course focussed on essentials only. (*Please, see here for a summary of the full course content & benefits)

Like all my sessions, these are currently held on Zoom - on request (government restrictions permitting) they can also be held at my home studio or in the comfort of you own home - at mutually convenient times.


Course fees for the complete 12.5 hours of private expert tuition adapted to your individual situation with flexible time scales to suit your needs, & including all materials are just £375.

Shorter, tailor-made packages are available on request. These start from £75 per 2.5 hours session.

In case anxiety is either pre-existing or particularly severe, private sessions can also be combined with individual anxiety relief sessions to follow an expanded format that may also address other non-birth related issues that nonetheless may drive anxiety for the individual at the time. At times, it can also be advantageous to start sessions sooner than 20 weeks of pregnancy.  This can help to increase enjoyment of pregnancy by preventing anxiety from needlessly building up. 


Should you be interested in that more personalised approach, please get in touch on 07957541056 or fill out a contact form below to set up a complimentary 20min phone or Zoom consultation at a mutually convenient time - absolutely no strings attached - so that we can jointly discuss what pattern of sessions may serve your needs best. 


Anxiety or Trauma Release Sessions

All my HypnoBirthing antenatal sessions are designed to lower stress as well as build confidence. This means that typically you can expect that general anxiety in day-to-day life will be lowered as a happy by-product of my confidence building birth preparation classes. However, in case anxiety is either pre-existing or particularly severe, some supportive individual sessions taken before (or sometimes alongside) the course can provide additional anxiety relief and help to further promote wellbeing in pregnancy, ease the transition into parenthood and support best possible birth. 


As a Solution Focused Hypno-Psychotherapist as well as a Confident Childbirth Specialist, I am trained in a number of modalities to support your emotional and mental wellbeing in the antenatal and post natal period. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, trauma or compulsive behavioural patterns, I can support you to gain greater emotional balance and build healthy habits that sustain a more positive outlook and support general wellbeing. These sessions can be taken at any point during pregnancy - or also after birth. Should you be interested in exploring how I can help in further detail, please just give me a call on 07957541056 or get in touch here to set up a free 20min intial consultation at a mutually convenient time.

Refresher Session Info


Refresher Sessions

For parents who have already done a HypnoBirthing course during a previous pregnancy and are now expecting again and want to brush up on their knowledge and tools.

Session content will be tailored to your specific requests and requirements. Like all my sessions, these are currently held on Zoom, (post lockdown they can also be held at my home studio or in the comfort of you own home*), at mutually convenient times. Fees £75 per 2.5 hour session

*There may be a small charge for travel cost for any sessions outside of Bristol.


Please contact me on 07957 541056 or message me below to talk about available dates and times.